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Use cases, Airport

Reduce waiting times at security checkpoint

Use cases, Retail

People counting & dwell time measurement

Use cases, Airport

Passenger flow measurement at a passport control

Use cases

Full-featuring APIs for better data insights

Use cases, Transportation

Bring your operations to the next level with our 3D sensor for APC

Use cases, Retail

Deep insights improve retail space potential

Use cases, Retail

Full area tracking & in-store analytics

Use cases, Airport

Dynamic queue detection for dynamic airports

Use cases, Retail

Customer journey store navigation tracking

Use cases, Airport

Check-in faster with Xovis

Use cases, Airport

Taxi ranks & people movers

Case studies, Airport

Xovis – A Crucial Gear Wheel in Finavia‘s Daily Operation

technology ahead of passenger flows
Case studies, Airport

Unleashing technology to get ahead of passenger flows

Case studies, Retail

Furniture provider measures passers-by