People Counting Guide

People counting is an exciting field with the potential to increase visitor, customer, occupant, or passenger satisfaction, and therefore the overall success of your business? Read our Xovis People Counting Guide to find out how!


Essential for realizing the full value potential of commercial real estate, particularly commercial spaces surrounding public transit areas, infrastructure asset management is a top priority for investors and property managers. Different stakeholders need robust tools that can deliver actionable and easily accessible insights.  

Without an automated solution capable of capturing the complexity of commercial areas within passenger terminal spaces, such as train and bus stations, property managers risk:   

  • Disrupting passenger flows with sub-optimal commercial planning 
  • Missing lease opportunities by setting rents to high  
  • Losing out on adequate income by setting rents to low   


A data capture solution capable of delivering accurate, real-time and historical data about where and how people interact with commercial space in public transit stations can help investors and property managers:     

  • Understand volume and direction of people flow throughout terminal space 
  • Track where and when passenger consumers enter commercial areas 
  • Analyze the flow patterns linking transit areas and commercial services  

Streamlined reporting on the successes and challenges associated with the use of commercial space is also one of the features a sophisticated data capture system can deliver.      


In addition to enhancing safety, a data capture solution can help owners and managers of commercial assets surrounding passenger transit areas with:    

  • Increasing occupancy rates and revenue 
  • Avoiding underutilization resulting from poor planning 
  • Supporting rental valuations based on actual use 
  • Attracting high-quality retailers and restaurants  

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