Physical Distancing Solutions with Xovis 3D Sensors

Xovis sensors can help you create safe spaces in your public places. Physical distancing has always been part of people flow, and solving people flow is at the heart of what we do at Xovis. Covid-19 just handed us a challenge like never before, and we are ready to work with that. Xovis 3D sensors offer you the solution you need right now.

Provide safe spaces

Public places, from airports to train stations, stores to restaurants, bars to stadiums, need solutions that provide safe spaces. These solutions need to be precise in order to swiftly comply with public health and local government regulations. Xovis has been dedicated to finding effective and innovative ways of managing people flow for over a decade, giving us an edge in handling this new challenge.


Xovis 3D stereovision sensors accurately measure people flow and thus offer the necessary data and analytic solutions to manage a location's allowed capacity as well as monitor distance between individuals in real-time. If you a running a shop or retail center, our technology can be used to automatically manage fill levels. If you are managing movement in an airport, use our KPI called the physical distancing indicator. If you run a transportation facility optimize passenger boarding, alighting and shorten waiting times. And if you need to know if whether or not an individual is wearing a face mask, use Xovis face mask detection.

Face mask detection

Wearing a face mask can be beneficial in combating the pandemic. As the undisputed innovator of people flow technology based on 3D stereovision sensors, Xovis created 3D sensors that allow you to identify individuals who are wearing face masks. This enables you to manage your maximum capacity in real time and clearly communicate it with your customers.

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Occupancy Management improvement

Xovis 3D stereovision sensors can count the inflow and outflow of visiting people in various locations with unparalleled accuracy. This enables you to manage your maximum capacity in real time. The simultaneous transmission of what is happening also allows direct communication with the people visiting your space, making it both transparent and safe. 

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Physical distancing management

Almost the only thing we can do for ourselves and for others is to keep our distance. That's easy to say, but not so easy to do. We are social beings, and interacting with each other is one of the things we do best. This is deeply ingrained in our nature and in our daily lives.

If we're able to trace our footsteps, it can help us get back on track with our daily lives. And that's where we come in: Xovis is happy to help facilitate a return to a new kind of Normal. This is what our Physical Distancing Management Solution can do.

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Why choose Xovis Technology to counteract COVID-19

Xovis technology is top-of-the-line for ensuring that people keep in line with local and international regulations concerning physical distancing. This has a great deal to do with the fact that our sensors already set the standard for excellence in people flow management. Our successful baseline allows us to develop solutions quickly to satisfy our customers' needs.

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The airport passenger counting and management system ensures a smooth passenger journey through airport facilities. From check-in to security screening, immigration to boarding, Xovis supports customized passenger counting solutions and works as a powerful tool to optimize asset use for resource planning. The measured KPIs are of great value to airport operators, partners and suppliers.

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