Physical Distancing Management with Sensors

Keep the distance. Easier said than done. As social beings we are interacting with each other is one of the things we do best. This is deeply ingrained in our nature and in our daily lives. If we're able to trace our footsteps, it can help us get back on track with our daily lives. And that's where we come in: Xovis is happy to help facilitate a return to a new kind of Normal. This is what our Physical Distancing Management Solution can do.

Physical distancing maps

When you need to ensure that your customers or passengers are keeping in line with physical distancing regulations, we have a solution for you. With several of our sensors stitched together in a Multisensor, the Xovis passenger flow management system can calculate and visualize physical distancing maps. These maps help identify critical areas where it becomes difficult for people to follow physical distancing rules. Additionally, specific KPIs can be calculated and visualized. Experience how our upgraded software can help you surmount the challenges of these times.

  1. 1

    Density Map

    Density alone does not suffice as an indicator for physical distancing in areas operating with larger crowds of people. Contagion risk also depends on the distance between individuals. Xovis density maps give you quickly an idea of how people are distributed in crucial processing areas like check-in, security, or immigration.

  2. 2

    Physical Distancing Map

    How closely people follow physical distancing measures can be monitored and visualized in real-time. Xovis Physical Distancing Map allows you to identify areas most prone to contagion, as physical distancing rules are difficult to follow. This is the map to use in highly frequented areas such as queuing zones.

  3. 3

    Density-adjusted Physical Distancing Map

    To cover large, crowded areas, multiple sensors can be stiched together to a Multisensor to track people positioning with unmatched accuracy. This helps you recognize areas that do not attract large people flows but are still prone to violations of physical distancing rules.

  4. 4

    Physical Distancing Indicator (PDI)

    This new KPI allows you to visualize how likely a specific area is to be a COVID-19 hotspot. The higher the PDI, the higher the risk of contagion. You can follow our PDI within the Xovis dashboards, use playback and historical visualization. 

  5. 5

    Physical Distancing Map highlighted area

    The system allows you to display how many square meters of your processing area show signs of elevated contagion risk. Visualize this KPI within the Xovis passenger flow management system dashboards and use playback and historical visualization.

  6. 6

    GDPR compliant technology

    Xovis 3D sensors measure people flow and offer the necessary data and analytic solutions to accurately manage a location's allowed capacity, monitor distance between individuals or detect face mask compliance. Our innovative and GDPR compliant technology becomes the only kind to detect face masks directly on 3D sensors. 

Physical distancing management

In addition to counting a location's overall capacity in real-time, our airport software, Xovis passenger flow management system, can also coordinate the management of physical distancing. We can help you ensure the safety of your people when a contagious disease is present.

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