Why choose Xovis Technology to counteract COVID-19

Xovis technology is top-of-the-line for ensuring that people keep in line with local and international regulations concerning physical distancing. This has a great deal to do with the fact that our sensors already set the standard for excellence in people flow management. Our successful baseline allows us to develop solutions quickly to satisfy our customers' needs.

Physical distancing maps

When you need to ensure that your customers or passengers are keeping in line with physical distancing regulations, we have a solution for you. With several of our sensors stitched together in a Multisensor, the Xovis passenger flow management system can calculate and visualize physical distancing maps. These maps help identify critical areas where it becomes difficult for people to follow physical distancing rules. Additionally, specific KPIs can be calculated and visualized. Experience how our upgraded software can help you surmount the challenges of these times.

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    Accurate sensors

    Xovis provides the most accurate 3D people counting sensors on the market.

  2. 2

    GDPR compliant

    All data is processed directly on the sensor. No video or image leaves the sensor. Xovis technology is GDPR compliant and certified.

  3. 3

    For all industries

    Xovis sensors are a proven technology, with more than 100,000 sensors worldwide: across retail, airports, public transportation and public buildings.

  4. 4

    Simple installation

    Xovis sensors can be mounted at a ceiling high of up to 30m / 98 ft. The sensors are powered over ethernet (PoE). Our API and data push ensure easy integration into third-party systems.

  5. 5

    Future proof technology

    Xovis technology is future proof - once installed, the high performance sensor is constantly upgraded with innovative functionalities like out AI features.

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Get an overall picture of Xovis, the international provider for intelligent people flow solutions.

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Reliable 3D people counting sensors and cloud-based software for people flow management systems.

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Physical Distancing Solutions

Translate accurate, real-time data into optimized people flow. Improve mobility, security and facility management to enhance customer experiences.

Face mask detection

Identify individuals who are wearing face masks, compliant with COVID-19 requirements.

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Occupancy Management

Manage your maximum capacity in real time, making the space transparent and safe.

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Physical Distancing Management

Coordinate management of physical distancing accurately with Xovis 3D Sensors in real-time.

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The airport passenger counting and management system ensures a smooth passenger journey through airport facilities. From check-in to security screening, immigration to boarding, Xovis supports customized passenger counting solutions and works as a powerful tool to optimize asset use for resource planning. The measured KPIs are of great value to airport operators, partners and suppliers.

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