Productshot of a Xovis 3D people counting sensor with WiFi/Bluetooth Monitoring module.

WiFi/BT monitoring add-on

WiFi/BT Monitoring complements our core 3D technology for specific applications.

As described in the Technology section, Xovis focuses on 3D stereo vision technology to provide customers with the most accurate people counting and people flow measurement data. Our 3D people counting and tracking sensors do not depend on signal emitting devices.

However, a WiFi/Bluetooth monitoring module is a helpful addition for advanced applications. The PC2R has a built-in WiFi and Bluetooth receiver that gathers all the incoming request signals from devices searching for a connection. In compliance with data privacy regulations, the sensors receive only minimal, cryptic, and non-personal data.

As part of a Xovis 3D Sensor, the data from the WiFi/BT monitoring opens the door to an alternative methods of measuring the passenger journey from curb to gate at airports or retail use cases, such as recognition of recurring customers or customer journey analytics. Read more about the PC2R and its WiFi/Bluetooth module in the Product section.


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