Object counting

Sensors counting passengers can recognize bicycles, separating object counting from passengers counting.


People transit with bicycles. And both need space. To optimize bicycle-on-board services and save resources, allocate the right transportation vehicles to the right places. Accurate object counting and live data helps the planning and operating of transport fleets and lines.

  • So far operations and fleet management could not optimize bicycle-on-board services without access to accurate data 
  • So far operators have had no access to information about live bicycle occupancy or tickets purchased in transportations coaches
  • Manual object counting cost time and resources, which led to inaccuracies in billing and subsidy calculations

The Xovis all-in-one solution

Xovis PCT1 sensors now allow you to detect bicycles. Benefit from all existing functions and add value simply by installing the object counting extension.

  • Sensors count all passengers and detect bicycles.
  • AI firmware has been trained to visually distinguish bicycles when the AI extension is activated.
  • Bicycles are visualized live in the WebUI for easy verification.
  • Data provide information for further analytics processing.
  • No additional expensive system is required.
  • AI-powered Xovis sensors running an AI-based passenger counting algorithm provide an embedded solution. This means that everything is computed on the sensor.

Technical data

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