Meet Xovis at the XOVISPHERE- the exhibition hub for and with our partners.

Round three for the in-store analytics hub by Xovis


Xovis proudly announces the XOVISPHERE for the RetailEXPO in London where Xovis promises “way more than people counting.”

The in-store analytics hub XOVISPHERE presents three new AI-powered features live at booth 5C88. Be ready for numbers that will propel the insight in your counting data way forward.

Staff Exclusion; way more truth to your customers

Count customers, not staff: Increase the truth in customer counting data and exclude busy employees on the sales floor from popping up in your Xovis people counting solution.

Group Counting; way more reality in your conversion rates

When calculating conversion rates, the correct number of customers gets misrepresented because of people buying in groups. Group Counting attributes transactions to the number of buying units only.

Gender Statistics: way more distinction of basic target groups

Get counting data that differentiates between female and male customers. Start counting “her” and “him,” not “it.” The most basic target group distinction is knowing whether you’re dealing with Francine or Frank.

Plan your meeting at booth 5D88

After a successful show in Germany, the XOVISPHERE finally comes to the UK. The in-store analytics hub powered by Xovis aims to show the complete solutions: our partners’ end-customer-oriented, high-quality services combined with the unique Xovis 3D technology take AI-powered in-store analytics to the next level. Stay tuned for the announcement of our valuable XOVISPHERE partners.


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