David Studer gives the Xovis key to Andreas Fähndrich

Xovis’ Co-Founder David Studer hands over CEO role to Andreas Fähndrich


David Studer, one of the three Xovis co-founders and CEO since day one, has handed over the CEO role to Andreas Fähndrich, formerly the MD Airports for Xovis. David Studer moves into a strategic role and joins the Xovis Board of Directors.

In the words of David Studer: “I am convinced that it is a Founder-CEO’s responsibility to move on when the time has come. It has been a unique and fantastic experience for me to lead and grow Xovis for 10 years, and I am excited to be able to hand over the CEO role to Andreas now, to kick-off the next growth phase of Xovis. Andreas successfully managed our Airports’ business in the last 5 years with a truly entrepreneurial mind and built Xovis up to become the world market leader in this segment. He is the right person to lead Xovis into the future. I am looking forward to helping the company in my new role as a member of the board, defining the best strategy for the next chapter of Xovis.”

“I would like to thank David Studer and the other founders Christian Studer and Markus Herrli, as well as our board of directors, for their trust in me. Since my first day with Xovis I enjoyed contributing to the success of the company and I am truly excited to be at the helm in the next phase of our journey,” says Andreas Fähndrich.


The management change came into effect on September 1st, 2019.


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