Hardware and software for redesigning people flow

Xovis has always been at the forefront of developing products for people flow measurement and management solutions, because we believe in the importance of moving people forward. That's why our in-house production team makes our 3D sensors with the utmost care and precision. With software solutions designed by our dedicated R&D team, we offer a full in-house portfolio of cutting-edge products for rethinking people flow.

In combination with Xovis software solutions, our signature 3D sensors have become a global standard in people counting, people flow measurement and in-store analytics. We are a step ahead because we are meticulous in rethinking people flow. From a single sensor to the Xovis multisensor, our plug-and-play sensors have you covered. As image processing occurs directly on the sensor, meaning no pictures leave the sensor, data privacy is assured.



Xovis hardware

Simple design, smart functionality and embedded processing are the cornerstones of our sensors' build. Our signature sensors can meet your specific architectural requirements, thanks to easy installation and our hardware accessories for those outlier locations.

Let our sensors support your business



Xovis software

Whether our all-in-one solution for airports or our Cloud & Device Control service, our software offers comprehensive solutions at the intersection between your needs and our sensors. In addition to our sensors' basic capabilities, AI extensions go the extra distance for in-store analytics.

Make the leap from data to analysis