Customer Counting for Retail

Use real-time customer counting data to understand flow and dwell times with the highest accuracy. Allocate resources and space with ease to raise levels of operational support along each customer’s journey. Improve in-store experiences without intruding on anyone’s privacy.

Use retail space to their full potential

Identify customer patterns like individual and group flow, and characteristics like gender, view directions, or the absence of protective face masks. Visualize queue formations and communicate waiting times to floor staff. Use real-time occupancy data to improve safety and security and exclude staff from customer counts for accuracy.

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    People counting & dwell time measurement

    Improve conversion rates by using data provided by the Xovis 3D sensors. Monitor KPIs such as footfall, zone dwell time and conversions per customer and/or square meter. Xovis and its partner enable retailers to keep track of all customers throughout the store and optimize product placement and store layout. 

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    Large area tracking

    Sensors can work together as one, covering large areas easily and tracking visitor paths. This even works if the sensors are mounted on different ceiling heights. Counting lines and zones can be configured.

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    In-store analytics

    Track anonymous customer data along your in-store customer journey to analyze and forecast shopper behavior. Get business-critical insights and drive action at the right time and place.

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    Future proof sensor technology

    Our sensors are equipped with various artificial intelligence extensions that continuously evolve, according to market needs and global regulations.

Retail use cases: enhanced customer counting

Group counting

Create conversion rates that reflect actual buying behavior.

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3D sensors for retail spaces

Our robust sensors are easy and fast to set up. Their embedded processing delivers real-time data of customer and visitor flow to configured specifications. The system is extendable and scalable. Our multisensor framework accommodates the largest of areas for real-time analytics.

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