Artificial intelligence extensions

Our sensor firmware enables artificial intelligence (AI) extensions such as face mask detection, view direction and gender statistics: all of these have been developed as Xovis acts to create ready responses to current demands from the market. These are some of our customers' favorite algorithms for analyzing people flow. 

Gender statistics

Our sensors can recognize how a person expresses gender and detects whether a person is female or male and thus identify this basic target group.

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View direction

Sensors recognize an individual’s focus, or the direction in which their head and shoulders are facing. 

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Face mask detection

Sensors detect if a person is wearing a face mask, compliant with COVID-19 requirements.

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Staff exclusion

Sensors count all people, detect the staff exclusion pattern and can exclude personnel from the counts.

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Group counting

Sensors count all people, recognize whether people move about together and, like this, can clearly identify group formations.

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Object detection

Sensors counting passengers can recognize bicycles, prams/strollers and wheelchairs, separating object detection from passengers counting.

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