Rethinking People Flow

Xovis believes in freedom of movement. All people should expect safety, comfort and privacy as they move around. In a world where mobility and population are increasing, rethinking people flow will improve quality of life. 

Solutions for people flow

Our effective and tailored solutions keep track of people flow. From passengers at airport terminals to train platforms and from visitors at shopping malls to smart buildings, we enhance a smooth and safe journey.




Optimize passenger flow and make real-time queue management in airports controllable and predictable.

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Understand customers by analyzing flow. Improve store performance and enhance customer journeys.

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Automatic passenger counting to keep track of all passengers accurately and improve operations.

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Reliable 3D technology people counting sensors and cloud-based software for people flow management systems.

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Get an overall picture of use cases and case studies about people counting and visitor flow management.

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Our mindset and experience make Xovis a learning organization and exactly this characteristic lets us do things differently – the Xovis way.

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We create a sense of safety and comfort for people on the move. Our skilled and diverse team is regularly looking for new talents - maybe it is your time to join the team. 

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We are only as strong as the bridges we build. Welcome to the partner program at Xovis, where our history of collaboration strengthens the future of people flow systems. 

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