People Counting Sensors

The Xovis 3D sensors master every people counting and people flow measurement challenge with high precision. This technology enables people counting and tracking in real-time. Simple design, smart functionality and embedded processing build the base of our Xovis sensors. AI-based algorithms further improve the accuracy and flexibility of people counting and people flow management.

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    High accuracy

    The signature 3D stereo vision technology permits accurate people counting of up to 99%. Field-tested and proven for over a decade, these sensors stay true to Swiss precision.

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    Data privacy compliance

    The Xovis 3D stereo vision sensor with a powerful on-sensor person tracking engine always guarantees data privacy. Data is only transmitted in text format and without any kind of personally identifiable information. The sensors can be configured to be GDPR compliant.

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    Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) lets data and power run on the same wires, without cabling risks or network interference. The option for a Wi-Fi connection provides versatile connectivity choices. Cutting cabling and installation costs from the start means a low total cost of ownership (TCO). 

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    Future proof technology

    The sensor connectivity allows to continiously update and upgrade directly on the device. New features such as AI extensions can be applied on the sensor directly by just upgrading the firmware. No need to change the sensor.

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    Multisensor tech capability

    Sensors can work together as one, covering large areas easily and tracking visitor paths. Up to nine sensors can be connected. If it's ten or more the SPIDER multisensor can support large area coverage.


The PC2SE sensor empowers AI extensions and supports flexible mounting heights.


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The PC2RE is an AI powered sensor with a WiFi and Low Power Device Monitoring module and enables flexible mounting heights.

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The PC3SE sensor is specifically designed for high mounting heights and large area monitoring.

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PC2SE Outdoor

The PC2SE Outdoor sensor is an AI powered sensor specifically for outdoor use and enables flexible mounting heights.

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The PCT1 sensor is dedicated for the use in public transportation vehicles and supports AI extensions.

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PC3SE Outdoor

The PC3SE Outdoor sensor is specifically designed for high mounting heights, large area monitoring and outdoor use.

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The SPIDER device connects to a multisensor to cover even larger areas and wider spaces.

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Artificial intelligence extensions

Various Xovis sensors enable artificial intelligence (AI) extensions such as face mask detection, view direction and gender statistics.

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Gender statistics

The sensors can recognize how a person expresses gender, as female or male.

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View direction

Sensors recognize an individual’s view direction.

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Face mask detection

Sensors recognize if a person is wearing a face mask, compliant with COVID-19 requirements.

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