PC2RE sensor

The PC2RE is an AI powered sensor with a WiFi and bluetooth module and enables flexible mounting heights.

  1. 1

    WiFi and bluetooth monitoring

    Follow the customer journey with WiFi/Bluetooth by enabling the radio module, while staying fully privacy compliant. The PC2RE sensor makes it possible to monitor WiFi and Bluetooth traffic in real-time and adds an extra layer of insights to visitor analytics.

  2. 2

    Flexible mounting heights

    From a height of anywhere between 2 and 6 meters – or 7 to 20 feet – this 3D sensor has a bird's eye view. The PC2RE sensor covers areas from 0.3m²/3.5ft² up to 35m²/376.7ft².  Mount it directly to the ceiling or use an accessory, like a pivot mount, for difficult-to-reach spots. 

  3. 3

    Artificial intelligence extensions

    The PC2RE sensor is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and is based on edge computing technology, which processes data directly. From face mask detection to gender statistics, gather the counts and data you need.