Accurately manage passenger flow at airports

Throughout airport terminals and at all key touchpoints from curb to gate, Xovis counts passengers and monitors queues in real-time. Use accurate data to visualize passenger flow, communicate waiting times at security checkpoints and support terminal operations while simultaneously improving passenger experience.

Data-driven solution to improve operations

Xovis 3D sensors measure the peaks and troughs of passenger flow even in the most challenging locations. Our easy-to-use dashboard translates real-time data into accessible information and reports. Measure KPIs to maximize process efficiency. Allocate resources and space with ease. Forecast and plan with precision. Trigger alerts when conditions change and manage queues in unstructured areas without difficulty.

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    Unmatched accuracy

    The 3D stereo vision technology does not depend on signal-emitting devices and is highly robust, handling external influences such as fluctuating light and heat conditions without wavering from its task. Passengers are recognized as distinct from one another even if they are only 20 cm (8 in) from each other. The Xovis system guarantees constant sample rates, up to 98% of passengers in the covered area are registered by the system.

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    Unlimited coverage

    The broad portfolio of Xovis 3D sensors with their wide angles of view accommodates the specific architectural conditions of any airport. An unlimited number of sensors can be combined in a multisensor for large areas.

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    Guaranteed data privacy

    The Xovis 3D stereo vision sensor, with its powerful on-sensor person tracking engine, always guarantees data privacy. Data is transmitted in text format only and without any kind of personally identifiable information. The sensors can be configured to be GDPR compliant.

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    Low total cost of operation

    Xovis passenger flow management system is a thoroughly industrialized and operations-proven system that is easy to use. With the direct image processing on the sensors, only one server is needed to run the software. Xovis sensors has a mean time between failure of 25 years and does not rely on signal-emitting devices, making it a future-proof investment in Swiss quality.

Airport use cases: empowering passenger flow management

Waiting times for airport passengers

Measure queue waiting times and improve the passenger experience.

The software solution for airports

The Xovis system combines award-winning 3D sensors and software to create a picture of passengers as they journey from curb to gate. An installed system supports all airport stakeholders and adheres to data privacy guidelines. The solution counts up to 98% of passengers, and the data transmits to third-party systems with ease. KPIs such as waiting times and passenger volumes are displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard. Web and mobile apps are also available. 

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Xovis 3D sensor technology

The sensors are characterized by simple design, smart functionality and embedded processing. The 3D edge computing sensors have large detection range and multisensor capacity to accommodate high ceiling and expansive areas.

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The airport passenger counting and management system ensures a smooth passenger journey through airport facilities. From check-in to security screening, immigration to boarding, Xovis supports customized passenger counting solutions and works as a powerful tool to optimize asset use for resource planning. The measured KPIs are of great value to airport operators, partners and suppliers.

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