Xovis – Rethinking People Flow

Welcome to the platform for "Rethinking People Flow." We are an international provider for intelligent people flow solutions across airports, retail, transportation and smart buildings. Our mindset and experience make Xovis a learning organization and exactly this characteristic lets us do things differently – the Xovis way.

Our Vision

Xovis has a vision to become the platform for rethinking people flow. We believe in freedom of movement. That’s why we inspire organizations to digitalize and optimize people flow. 

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Our Leadership

Xovis' management is navigating the company's trajectory from a dynamic start-up to a global market leader in sensor-based solutions across various  industries— guided by the needs of our customers.

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Our Journey

From our roots to our sensors, we follow our belief in empowering freedom of movement. Follow our story, from the start with steadfast principles to transformative technology and our worldwide now.

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Our Commitment

Collaboration has always been an important part of the Xovis philosophy, and it always will be. In the early days, the three co-founders worked closely together, contributing their individual strengths and skills to develop a successful startup.

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Partnering with Xovis

We are only as strong as the bridges we build. Welcome to the partner program at Xovis, where our history of collaboration strengthens the future of people flow systems. 

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Working for Xovis

We create a sense of safety and comfort for people on the move. With our own Swiss made hardware and software for the precise counting of people in line with data protection guidelines and for optimizing people flow, we create value above expectations for our stakeholders. 

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