People Flow Management for Smart Buildings

It's not just about saving operating costs. An efficient people flow management solution leads to more satisfied tenants, and visitors who take away a positive impression of your building. Make your building sustainable and smart with real-time insights and historical data. 

Know your building, inside and out…

Accurate data about how people flow in, out, and around your smart building enables efficient building and business management. With real-time insights, you can better manage people flows. For example, in high-demand areas like meeting rooms and the restaurant, or clean certain areas such as restrooms on demand rather than at fixed times.


… and make it smart

Managing people flow helps you develop operational strategies and plan the staff numbers better, and enhances the overall experience of anyone visiting your smart building. Managing air conditioning, heating, electricity, and appliances according to the number of people present in the building saves you the operational cost.

  1. 1

    Precise detection of number of individuals

    Increase user comfort by providing real-time data on occupancy level in certain areas, e.g., allow employees to find a free desk or meeting room easily. Improve space allocations, plan accurate space requirements, and avoid overspending.

  2. 2

    Utilization by floor, department, or room

    Optimize the dispatch of cleaning personnel by cleaning-by-usage rather than by time. Align external services with actual demand and promote safety in the workplace by automatically requesting cleaners after a set number of uses. 

  3. 3

    Real-time insights for efficiency and flexibility

    Drive action at the right time and place, based on real-time insights. Our sensors provide accurate data for historical analysis, rationalizing space, improving asset utilization, and providing immediate productivity and experience benefits for employees.

  4. 4

    Future-proof sensors with AI extensions

    Artificial intelligence extensions ensure that our sensors adapt to the changing business and market needs, considering global regulations.

3D sensors for smart buildings

Our robust sensors are easy and fast to set up. Their embedded processing delivers real-time data of visitor and visitor flow to configured specifications. The system is extendable and scalable. Our multisensor framework accommodates the largest of areas for real-time analytics.

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