The Airport Software Solution for Managing Passenger Flow

With a combination of 3D sensors and airport-specific software, AERO, Xovis’ new state-of-the-art Passenger Flow Management System (PFMS), ensures high accuracy and low overall cost of operation. The airport software dashboards depict the real-time passenger flow as dots and visualize several key performance indicators such as waiting time, passenger volumes and identification of peak traffic periods. This helps understand and monitor how queues form and change, all in compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR. Web and mobile app integrations are also available. 

A Managed Service 

Operational Efficiency

Queue detection, waiting time analysis, comprehensive reports, and real-time alerts synergize to streamline processes, optimizing every moment for both passengers and operators.

Optimized operations

Dashboards with live views facilitate immediate reactions to excessive queue lengths and wait times. Real-time alerts and historical reports enhance stakeholder efficiency. Optimize scheduling, lane and counter opening, desk allocation, kiosks and self-service bag drops.

Automatic detection

The queue management system automatically detects who belongs to a specific queue, even in the most unstructured check-in environments. Such accuracy ensures that staff can get to the right place at the right time even with daily queue reconfiguring or overflow redirecting. 

Real-time alerts

Operators can optimize staff allocation by leveraging real-time insights delivered through customizable alerts and reports. Make data management at your airport more cost-effective while also ensuring managers have the situational awareness to anticipate potential bottlenecks before they occur. 

Stakeholder alignment

Staying informed of developments in and around terminals can be unnecessarily complex without a robust solution such as AERO. Automated data export can improve stakeholder relations, and objectively measuring compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) reduces time spent on performance reviews.

Passenger satisfaction

Passenger satisfaction is the goal of most airport operators—an objective that inspired the creation of AERO. Improve the overall passenger satisfaction by publishing trustworthy wait time data on your website, app and onsite within the terminal. Long lines do not necessarily mean long wait times.

Revenue generation

Better efficiency is an easy way to improve non-aeronautical revenue. With AERO, operators can ensure passengers have more time to discover in-terminal commercial offerings. Terminal operators can also use data from AERO to support rental valuations and optimize layouts based on passenger flows.   

Real-Time Data 

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    In the aviation industry, experience is everything. Experience is also difficult to simulate; you must earn it. Xovis has developed a deep understanding of intricate passenger flow issues by working closely with more than 110 airports of different sizes worldwide—a global experience that allows Xovis to provide customizable, rigorously-tested solutions with a strong record of successful deployment. 

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    Our service commitment begins with quick onboarding independent of an extensive IT project. Once a partner, Xovis delivers independent upgrades, security patching, and maintenance replacements, supporting your operations with high availability and fast troubleshooting. 

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    A proud Swiss company, all Xovis products are built to the exacting quality standards for which the country is known. Short lead times mean we can scale a solution to meet changing customer needs without straying from quality standards supporting our reputation. Our portfolio of robust sensors, their accuracy and the wide range of installation options at different heights and environments speak to our commitment to market-tested solutions designed to make every day better for our customers. 

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