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Improving Airport Efficiency

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Automatic Passenger Counting and Transport Operations Efficiency

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Comparison of Major Technologies in People Counting

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Master queues with the Theory of Queuing Guide

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Essential Guide to Passenger Counting

Ezhou Huahu Airport
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Xovis wins first airport contract in China at major China Silk Road hub

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Understanding the Psychology of Queuing

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People Counting Guide - People counting and footfall monitoring

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Queuing detection and queuing management at airports: on-demand webinar

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The fundamentals of the LoS Monitoring solution on-demand webinar

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Visitor flow management in a gothic cathedral museum

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Airport Level of Service solution - performance analysis from IATA and Xovis

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Eurostar: Traveling fast and relaxed thanks to passenger flow management

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Large area counting & tracking

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The best possible use of sanitary facilities