The Best Possible Use of Sanitary Facilities

Use the Xovis IoT-System to solve capacity constraints.

Not only is the constantly increasing number of air travelers a challenge for keeping sanitary facilities clean, it is clearly also about peak usage. If a toilet is located close to arriving flights, or directly after the security checkpoint where longer queues may occur, this can quickly lead to overcrowding. Conventional time-controlled cleaning is not effective and as a direct result, customer satisfaction decreases. Here are some examples of decisive factors to be measured in order to better understand the usage:

  • When are certain toilet areas used to capacity?
  • How often is each individual restroom stall used?
  • When are there queues due to capacity overload?


In addition to measuring queue lengths, waiting times, and other KPIs at check-in, security etc., the Xovis Passenger Flow Management System (PFMS) is a versatile tool to balance the use of facilities and maintain a high service quality. Stable, accurate, and failure-independent counting can initiate capacity filling levels and usage statistics such as:

  • Real-time measures following live situational awareness (e.g. interim inspection/cleaning or passenger redirection to other facilities)
  • Reactive measures after non-standard situations (e.g. different aircraft stand allocations, seasonal changes)
  • Optimization of long-term cleaning planning following statistics by gender, area and its utilization but not primary time oriented


The Xovis Passenger Flow Management System (PFMS) is one system for all purposes. Its accurate real-time data is the foundation to accommodate fast growth without having to add new facilities. Airports and passengers benefit in many ways:

  • Comprehensive passenger flow management based on measured data and facts
  • Balanced use of infrastructure, which can help avoid costly investments
  • High service level - a key determinant for passenger satisfaction
  • A database for the collaboration with any required stakeholder
  • Reliable data to enhance passenger flow simulation models considerably

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