Measuring Crowds at Indoor and Outdoor Events

Events, whether held in a fixed indoor space or a temporary outdoor setting, are great for creating memories. But to ensure those memories are good, event planners need the right tools to optimize visitor flows and bolster security protocols. 

Crowd management – making the most of events

Understanding how attendees move through an event space is the best way to ensure that the layout supports objectives—be it engagement and sales, preventing overcrowding and process bottlenecks, or reporting visitor data to sponsors. Event planners can meet their goals faster and easier with real-time and historical people flow data captured by Xovis sensors.

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    Quick decision-making

    Instant access to accurate KPIs is crucial in the fast-paced event management sector. Sometimes lasting no more than a day, events demand quick decision-making. And that’s why more planners use real-time analytics: to make layout changes or restrict entry in a matter of minutes.

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    Expo visitors and concertgoers

    At an industrial expo, engagement rates may prompt a placement change to catch the attention of passersby. At a public concert, security detail and planners may share information about occupancy levels in certain areas to prevent dangerous overcrowding and to optimize cleaning of onsite sanitation facilities. 

    Even Management KPIs based on people flow analytics can be tailored to reflect the unique nature of any event. 

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    Easy installation and support

    Event planners don’t have time to lose when setting up an onsite analytics solution. Data capture devices with onboard features that make set-up a snap are not a luxury--in most cases, they are essential to reach visitor counting goals. Xovis’ sensors are not only easy to use out of the box, but the company also offers expert support to qualified partners.  

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    Accuracy and responsibility

    Xovis’ AI-powered sensors are up to 99.9% accurate and can be equipped with multiple machine-learning-based features. As edge-processing IoT devices, our sensors do not capture, store, or transmit images. They also come equipped with privacy settings that can be adjusted to match the privacy requirements of different events. 

Long-lasting 3D sensors for events

Event planners need a robust, long-lasting sensor that can be used multiple times in different settings. Xovis sensors are preferred by analytics professionals working in the event management sector because they have a long useful life, are designed to withstand the rigor of indoor and outdoor events and have one of the industry’s highest accuracy rates.

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People Counting Guide

Download Xovis' People Counting Guide to improve your understanding of the science behind crowd theory and the many benefits of tracking and measuring people flow. 

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