Occupancy Management at Libraries

Providing students with sufficient, clean, and safe workspaces is an important part of delivering a well-rounded university experience. Occupancy measuring and management solutions help university facility managers meet students’ study space needs in a more reliable and cost-efficient manner.

Measuring occupancy – smarter libraries, smarter students

Students can choose study areas that match their comfort levels by accessing real-time occupancy data captured by Xovis sensors. And building managers can use precise historical data to enhance energy efficiency, maximize available space, and bolster security.

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    Meeting students’ needs

    Noise sensitivity and health concerns are among the factors influencing students’ decision to work in more crowded or nearly empty university library spaces. 

    With real-time data from Xovis transmitted to an occupancy-tracking platform such as an app, students can find their ideal space before ever stepping into the building. 

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    Understanding occupancy trends

    Easing capacity constraints starts with understanding how visitors utilize available infrastructure. Facility managers accessing reliable data about usage trends can make effective adjustments that promote load-balancing and limit overcrowding. 

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    Cost-optimization strategies

    Operating university facilities is expensive, sometimes unnecessarily so. Cost-conscious administrators can advance cost-optimization strategies by relying on real-time and historical usage data for decisions about facility cleaning, heating and cooling operations, and building lighting. 

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    Accuracy and responsibility

    Xovis’ AI-powered sensors are up to 99.9% accurate and can be equipped with multiple machine-learning-based features. As edge-processing IoT devices, no images are stored on or leave our sensors. That’s added peace of mind for students and facilitators monitoring changes in privacy standards. 

3D sensors for university buildings

Our robust stereovision sensors are easy to install, configure, and operate—helping universities advance their organization’s data-driven approach to facility management. Flexible and easy to scale up and out, our sensors can quickly respond to universities’ changing analytics demands.

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People Counting Guide

Download Xovis' People Counting Guide to improve your understanding of the science behind crowd theory and the many benefits of tracking and measuring people flow. 

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