Full Area Tracking & In-Store Analytics

System integrators and retailers must measure the entire customer journey as the basis for comprehensive in-store analytics.

Brick-and-mortar stores face fierce competition from online shops that naturally have faster access to detailed customer behavior data. The combination of AI-powered Xovis 3D shopper counters and the Xovis SPIDER processing unit gives system integrators and their customers in the retail industry the ability to improve shopper experience and hence revenue. Through the connection of a large number of sensors, the Xovis SPIDER is able to perform:

  • Full area people counting and tracking
  • Dwell time measurement
  • Full path analysis/measurement of the entire customer journey
  • Automated queue detection/measurement of queue lengths and queueing times

Xovis SPIDER’s software modules and the 99.5% counting accuracy of AI-powered Xovis people counters and trackers result in high-quality real-time data and unprecedented behavioral insights. System integrators convert this new type of retail analytics into powerful tools that retailers use to further optimize product placement and staff planning, avoid queue quitters and boost the performance of marketing and customer service initiatives.

With new instruments, such as full path analysis and queue management based on high-precision people counting and tracking, brick-and-mortar stores are able to capitalize on the full potential of in-store analytics. At the outset of new retail concepts for the IoT age, the level of customer insights enabled by Xovis is a prerequisite in order to keep pace with the online competition and take new retail concepts from the trial stage to a global standard.

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