Full-Featuring APIs

Data gathered with Xovis can be easily integrated into existing software environments to build customized data intelligence.  

The Xovis 3D Sensors are reliable partners in a customized people movement analysis solution. They can be easily configured to fit into a wide variety of software environments through integration of the robust, anonymous Xovis data pre-processed directly on the sensor.

Mainly used by system integrators in the retail and other industries, Xovis 3D Sensors feature a REST API and data push options. They control the sensor’s functions and help build customized retail analytics solutions. For instance, the Xovis system connected to cash register software can deliver valuable insights on conversion rates and correlation with other key figures. Data on Xovis 3D Sensors can be stored for up to 120 days to ensure high quality insights even if continuous up-link is not available.

Airport customers typically integrate measured KPIs, such as waiting times, from the Xovis Airport software to share data with passengers via screens or on the airport’s mobile app.

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