Deep Insights

Better understand how to use your space's potential and act accordingly. The latest deep learning methods allow state-of-the-art and seamless detection and provide additional insights in real time. From Face Mask Detection to View Direction firmware features, our deep insights in the area of people flow not only pave the way for attractive customer journeys and increased performance, they also create a safe environment. Let our sensors help you rethink your space.

Retailers with thousands of stores – but also public places like museums, casinos or churches – rely on Xovis technology. With around 200,000 sensors in the field, we are the market and technology leader in advanced people counting systems.  Together with Xovis, you can understand visitor frequencies, customer behavior and space utilization to increase security, customer satisfaction and profitability in your business. See how we work with Retail, Smart Buildings and public spaces by following the trail of artificial intelligence.

AI extensions

Our sensor firmware (software that sits on the sensor itself) also enables extensions such as Face Mask Detection, View Direction and Gender Statistics: all of these have been developed as Xovis acts to create ready responses to current demands from the market. With both real-time and historical data at your fingertips, you can make the best choices in the blink of an eye.

AI extension

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