Our commitment

Collaboration and sustainability have always been important parts of the Xovis philosophy. In the early days, the three co-founders worked closely together, contributing their individual strengths and skills to develop a successful startup.  Sustainability and therefore the topics environment, social as well as governance grew with the expansion. Today, it is our responsible, close-knit teams that make Xovis a global leader in people flow solutions.

We offer our customers exceptional service by listening and responding to their needs as a trusted provider. 

We believe in good corporate citizenship and governance. For Xovis, that includes the commitment to data privacy across our solution portfolio. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical, quality and environmental standards.

Environmental, social responsibility and good governance (ESG) represent vital aspects of good business conduct. Sustainability is the potential to produce and consume within the regenerative capacity of the earth. This is an important aspect of our business, and as such, we aim to shape our business that it has a license to operate in a future-proof world.