Dynamic Queue Detection for Dynamic Airports

Automatically detect airport terminal queues in structured and unstructured spaces.

Queue Detection in Any Environment

Xovis is a market-leader in delivering the robust, automated solutions terminal operators need to effectively manage queues at multiple touchpoints. And managing starts with identifying, which is more difficult than it sounds—especially in high-volume terminal spaces with varying degrees of queue complexity. 

Advanced Machine Learning to Detect Highly Dynamic Queues

Detecting the full range of queues—from the least to most complex—was the motivation behind AERO Queue Detection, developed using advanced machine learning techniques. There is no queue layout that Xovis hasn't encountered yet. The product of cutting-edge research, AQD was designed explicitly for airport terminals that need a robust automated solution with an exceptionally high level of accuracy for reliably managing queuing environments with different levels of complexity.    

Effortless Precision with Auto-Adjusting Queue Detection

Queue layout changes don't require system adjustments like in other solutions. The auto-adjusting AERO Queue Detection algorithm can dynamically identify queue formation. Don't worry about the impact of queuing layout changes: The accuracy of your KPIs remains the same. No custom modifications or lengthy fine-tuning is required.

Visit the Xovis  Airport Software page to discover AERO, the fully managed Passenger Flow Management System (PFMS).

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