Group Counting

Sensors recognize whether people who are moving together and thus clearly identify groups.


People moving in groups often show different shopping behavior than individuals. They do their shopping together and often one person pays for the group. Consequently, for business owners it’s essential to understand the relation between the number of buying units that enter their facility and actual sales figures. 

  • So far collected data included all people counts, but no information about the aggregated number of groups (>1 person) was captured
  • Unfiltered data fed into an analytics tool leads to obscure results and the conclusions drawn are based mostly on assumptions rather than facts
  • Activities are planned by guesswork, using additional expensive systems or inaccurate manual identification of groups

The Xovis all-in-one Solution

Xovis sensors spot people moving about in groups. Benefit from all existing functions and the new Group Counting function.

  • Sensors count all people, recognize whether people move about together and thus clearly identify groups
  • AI firmware has been trained to visually distinguish if people walk together and form a group. People moving together, near each other, at the same speed and in the same direction are summarized as a group, as are people moving on their own.
  • Groups are visualized live in the WebUI for easy verification. 
  • Data provides the total number of buying units – consisting of people moving on their own + groups of more than one person
  • No additional system or device required. AI-powered Xovis sensors, running an AI-based people counting algorithm, provide an embedded solution. Everything is computed on the sensor, with no need for external processing power

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