Staff exclusion

Sensors count all people, detect the staff exclusion pattern and thus clearly identify employees and exclude them from the counts.


When running a business of any kind, one of the most necessary bits of basic information is the number of customers/visitors. But in practice numbers are easily distorted when staff is also counted. Inaccurate systems or manual counting can be a source of error.

  • So far collected data included all people counts, but the number of employees could not be excluded
  • Unfiltered data fed into an analytics tool leads to obscure results. The conclusions drawn are based mostly on assumptions rather than facts
  • Activities are planned by guesswork, using additional expensive systems or inaccurate manual methods to exclude staff from customer/visitor counts

The Xovis all-in-one solution

Make staff visible to your Xovis sensors. Benefit from all existing functions and add value simply by installing the Staff Exclusion AI extension.

  • Equip staff with specially designed tags, all with the same standardized Xovis pattern
  • Along with the existing Xovis data protection concept, staff privacy is taken into account. The pattern is uniform – single members of staff cannot be identified
  • Sensors count all people, detect the pattern and thus clearly identify employees and exclude them from the counts
  • AI firmware has been trained to visually detect the Xovis Staff Exclusion pattern. When the AI extension is activated, the pattern is detected by the sensors, and staff are excluded
  • Staff are visualized live in the WebUI for easy verification
  • Data provides the total counts of customers/visitors with staff counts excluded 
  • No additional system or device is required. AI-powered Xovis sensors, running an AI-based people counting algorithm, provide an embedded solution. Everything is computed on the sensor, with no need for external processing power

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