Xovis software for your situation

Whether our all-in-one solution for airports or our Cloud & Device Control service, our software offers comprehensive solutions at the intersection between your needs and our sensors. This empowers you to rethink your people flow and your business. 


AI extensions

Our sensor firmware also enables extensions such as Face Mask Detection, View Direction and Gender Statistics: all of these have been developed as Xovis acts to create ready responses to current demands from the market. With both real-time and historical data at your fingertips, you can make the best choices in the blink of an eye.  



Cloud-based offers HUB & FLOW

Our innovative cloud-based offers provide a partner platform called HUB and a software service named FLOW that is easy to use. Focus on your success and join us in rethinking people flow.  

Cloud-based offers (HUB & FLOW)


Passenger Tracking System (PTS)

Discover the unmatched accuracy and low overall costs offered by the full-service life of our system for managing passenger flow.

Passenger Tracking System (PTS)