Brian Leung, Director Business Development Xovis (left) and Thomas Hoff Andersson, COO at BIAL (right)

BIAL and Xovis sign contract


By signing the contract with Xovis, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) – operator of the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR Airport) – once again confirms its commitment to a pleasant travel experience. Very soon, over 33 million passengers will benefit from BIAL’s decision to use the proven Xovis PTS.

BIAL has always attached great importance to passenger satisfaction. Now, BIAL is taking a further step into the future with the implementation of the Xovis system at eight key process points. By using this technology, the BLR Airport would be able to achieve a higher operational efficiency, optimize resource planning and consequently reduce the length of queues and waiting times. And passengers benefit even more: Not only do they wait less, but the real-time waiting times will be displayed directly at the processing points. This would noticeably reduce the stress related to waiting for boarding. The first phase will be rolled out at the entry to terminal, check-in, security and immigration.

Speaking about the contract with Xovis, Thomas Hoff Andersson, Chief Operating Officer, BIAL (right in the picture above) said: “One of the building blocks of a good passenger experience is to be able to provide robust and efficient operations, where uncertainties for passengers are removed. Partnering with Xovis, will bring BIAL the ability to display live waiting times to our passengers for every touchpoint in the Terminal. Besides full transparency for our passengers, Xovis will also provide valuable data which BIAL would be able to use to improve operational planning and execution. Our ambition is to become the most digitally advanced and efficient airport in the world that will enable seamless passenger movement, and on this journey a world-class queue management system is an important milestone.”

Swiss-based Xovis is a specialist in airport projects and the markets leading supplier of passenger measurement solutions. Their system, the Xovis PTS, meets the specific requirements of airports and uses the most modern technology. It combines 3D sensors with software, both exclusively developed and manufactured by Xovis. The captured images are processed on the sensor itself and thus data privacy is guaranteed. Moreover, the data is visualized on a real-time dashboard and the accuracy is verifiable. In this way, Xovis PTS provides a trustworthy source for data-driven decisions and optimizations.

Andreas Fähndrich, CEO of Xovis says: “Our company has its origins in the airport industry and knows it inside out. In recent years, we have proven ourselves and have been able to equip more than 80 airports with our technology. The fact that BIAL places their trust in us, makes us proud. We look forward building a long-term relationship and supporting them in the future.”

Passengers can look forward to an even smoother travel experience while departing from the BLR Airport. With an annual growth in the double-digit percentage range, the use of state-of-the-art technology and real-time information will only further strengthen the position of the BLR Airport - the Airport of choice in future.



About Xovis

Xovis is a swiss high-tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes 3D sensors and software solutions for people flow measurement. The company was founded in 2008 and today employs around 100 people in Switzerland and the USA.

Xovis has its origin in the airport industry and its experience comes from many successful projects and close collaboration with airport operators. That’s the reason why Xovis meets the specific requirements of airports. The ceiling-mounted 3D sensors capture, and compute passenger flow information and the accompanying software visualizes the data on a real-time dashboard. Moreover, professional implementation, on-site planning, initial operation, reliable support and maintenance are part of the full-service approach of Xovis.