Next Day Forecast

Introducing our Next Day Forecast, the tool that will bring your passengers further, faster. You’ll benefit from our unique approach to forecasting the number of passengers by optimizing operations, helping you improve the passenger experience. Reduce waiting time based on all live data – resulting in a well-orchestrated, airport-wide process that drives value and saves costs.


Forecast with the same user interface you have today. 

We offer an integrated solution, meaning that you do not need another tool besides your Xovis Passenger Tracking System (PTS). You can access the forecast application via the same user interface (UI) as you already do for pre-existing live data (waiting time measurements, process point detection, etc.).  

On the face of things, our UI is friendly. Our algorithm is pretty sweet, too. 

User interfaces have never been friendlier. We are offering the first solution that reflects market demands and user needs of the present moment. With Xovis PTS and Next Day Forecast, you can find out passenger demand for the current and next day. Swiss precision is always on time, and Xovis technology is always in real time.

You have our support from the word "go." And you're always going, because you do not have to wait for long.

We provide operational guidance to help you make decisions and react quickly to any situation as it happens.

Plus, waiting in line just got more interesting.

How does the Xovis system work? Let's talk about how you can use flight schedules in combination with a passenger flow management system to optimize the operation of security check. First, we predict passenger demand based on historical passenger numbers, and we use this to characterize a queue’s processing capacity using queue performance observations. By means of statistical modeling, we then determine the number of processing units (e.g., desks and lanes) required to meet a pre-defined level-of-service goal. Such information is of key importance to keep waiting times short, while at the same time saving operational costs.

Whistle while we work. We handle the data. 

With standardized APIs for flight plans due to our partnership with Cirium, one of the leading data providers in aviation, we handle your data. No hands-on effort needed from your side, so you can leave them in your pockets and whistle your worries away. Your data will be well integrated and provide you with the insights you've been waiting for.

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