Duomo di Siena

Viewing visitor flow at historical sites

When gothic goes digital: a happy symbiosis between history & technology


The Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Siena needed a system to monitor the visitors present in each area of the museum complex – in real time. The ticketing and surveillance staff wanted to manage visitor flow by efficiently staggering the entrances in an orderly and planned manner. Xovis 3D sensors offer a highly accurate count and the ability to provide real-time data for any given passage. Paired with its unobtrusive design, the Xovis 3D sensor has made sure to match all the museum’s exigencies. Thanks to the fact-based insights, people flow can be quickly and effectively managed by the museum staff, providing a much smoother and satisfactory experience to visitors.


Visionarea’s solution, powered by Xovis technology, has the capability to match all the venue’s requirements. Having the unobtrusive Xovis 3D people counting sensors at each passageway ensures the gathering of significant data at the right areas.

For the museum complex to be in actual control of their people flow, Visionarea’s solution uses a browser-accessible interface. Thanks to Xovis technology providing data in real time, the Duomo di Siena can efficiently manage the coupled alert system and analyze historical count data. 


Thanks to the information gathered with Xovis technology and its integration by Visionarea, the client has been able to profit from more efficient staff management and, in turn, has been able to provide a smoother and more pleasurable customer experience.

Visitor flow has been much more malleable, which lead to a reduction of “bottleneck” situations. People flow management provides a tool to minimize cumbersome queues and gatherings in spaces where many art pieces are exhibited, allowing for unobstructed viewing of each delightful work of art.

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