Taxi Ranks & People Movers

In addition to delivering real-time KPIs throughout the airport, Xovis also provides an alert system to optimize capacity utilization.

Xovis 3D Sensors not only enable airports to measure waiting times and other KPIs at sites all over the airport, but also serve as highly precise people counters at taxi ranks, people mover stations, escalators etc. Various visualization features such as heat and path maps with playback options as well as the alert function provide answers to many questions related to the movement of people through the facilities, such as:

  • How do most people travel to the airport – by car or public transport?
  • Through which part of the airport do passengers chiefly go to their gate?
  • Are some areas constantly overloaded with passengers?
  • Do changes in digital signage affect passenger flow?
  • Must escalators in certain areas run slower to prevent overflows into other areas?
  • Is there a significant difference in the use of taxi ranks between two terminals?

The insights into passenger movement patterns and direction of travel analysis enable a comprehensive passenger flow management based on measured data rather than mere passenger flow simulations. Many airports use the alert function and other Xovis features to optimize capacity utilization and improve passenger experience. These initiatives range from the automated redirection of passengers between different security checkpoints via digital signage to the adjustment of WC cleaning frequency and the addition of new parking spaces or public transport facilities.

Of course, the collected data can also be combined with passenger flow simulation models to enhance passenger traffic forecasts and infrastructure use.

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