Mornings Go Better With AERO

AERO, Xovis’ new state-of-the-art Passenger Flow Management System (PFMS), is about delivering more peace of mind to airport operators, employees, service providers, and travelers. Make your mornings better with AERO, our cloud-native, fully managed service. 

A fully managed service, AERO can relieve operators of the time and cost pressures associated with optimizing passenger flows—the result: More resources available to focus on creating remarkable terminal experiences.  

Mornings Go Better With...

Operational Efficiency

Understanding passengers' expectations and associated behaviour is crucial for streamlining operations and defining intelligent automations that allow operators to focus more on what counts.

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Xovis is a market leader in delivering customized passenger counting solutions, which airports globally rely on for optimizing resource allocation and planning. The cloud-native evolution of the company’s Passenger Flow Management System, AERO was designed to host the suite of future tools that will support a smoother passenger journey by delivering actionable insights operators can use to support fact-based decision-making.

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