View Direction

Sensors recognize an individual’s view direction


Is your advertising getting seen? Want to find out what your customers attention is focused on? Merchandising and placing an advertisement at the right place is crucial for maximum brand impact. Having the right data for optimization is the challenge.

  • Advertisement is expensive, whether it is static or video-based 
  • At the end of the day, nobody knows how effective a specific ad has been 
  • Being able to instantly grab and hold attention of customers is key


The Xovis all-in-one solution

Xovis 3D sensors allow you to process the view direction of individuals. Benefit from all existing functions and add value simply by installing the View Direction plugin.

  • Sensors count all people and provide a view direction vector 
  • AI firmware makes it possible to visually distinguish an individual's view direction. When the plugin is activated, the sensor’s AI firmware mimics the human eye and delivers the view direction
  • Data provide information for further analytics processing
  • No additional expensive system is required
  • AI-powered Xovis sensors running an AI-based people counting algorithm provide an embedded solution. This means that everything is computed on the sensor


Technical Data

An AI-enabled sensor running firmware version 4.4.0 or later is required for the Face Mask Detection plugin. The AI firmware runs on the following sensor models:

AI-powered by default AI-powered by free firmware upgrade
  • PC2S Standard
  • PC2S – L
  • PC2S – UL
  • PC2R Standard
  • PC2R – L
  • PC2R – UL
Sensor Type PC2S / PC2R Standard PC2S / PC2R - L PC2S / PC2R - UL
Mounting Height Range [m] 2.40 – 4.00 2.50 – 4.00 2.40 – 3.25
Mounting Height Range [ft] 7.1 – 13.1 8.2 -  13.1 7.1 – 10.8


  • Activate the license on each sensor by adding the ID “PIVID” 
  • Use the free 30-day evaluation to test the plugin 
  • Purchase an unlimited license code or use a recurring license through the Xovis Cloud

  • Object stream, Event stream, Coordinate push and Event push: each one lets you know the view direction vector of a track/object ID 
  • WebUI visualization depending on privacy level

  • Reduced mounting height range (see table) in order to have a good angle for viewing faces and upper bodies
  • Unfavorable lighting (too dark or too bright) limits accuracy  
  • Thermally challenging setups, such as direct sunlight on the sensor or direct mounting on isolating materials like plaster ceilings, etc., can lead to a diminished operation mode 
  • Potentially reduced performance when combined with other plugins in very crowded settings  
  • Xovis SPIDER processing unit recommended for larger Multisensor setups (more than nine devices) and for all settings more complex than a wide Multisensor counting line