Our culture

Xovis is a revolutionary and pioneering company that remains down-to-earth and family-like at heart. While the minds of our staff are brimming with innovation, inventiveness and the drive for technological progress, their hearts also beat with a sense of tradition, reliability and one-to-one contact.

While some people see innovation and tradition as being in conflict with each other, Xovis considers them absolute equals and strives to create the necessary balance. Both aspects have been part of the Xovis philosophy from the very beginning. Our experience has shown that lateral thinking can be perfectly combined with tried-and-tested, proven common sense. With this approach, Xovis is striving to continue its role as both technical pioneer and traditional company in future.

To make all this possible, Xovis offers its employees an open, flexible and inspiring working environment. This should be an attractive place to work where professionalism, commitment, fun, curiosity, diversity, free time and productivity all come together as one.

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