Automatic passenger counting for public transportation

APCs have never looked so good: hello PCT1, the 3D sensor from Xovis for public transportation! Automatic passenger counting is not just about numbers; it is about having what you need to know when you need to know it. Our robust 3D sensors deliver that info to you in a sleek solution easily integrated into any IT infrastructure. Optimize your operations with this new building block from Xovis.


Here at Xovis, not only do we have a consistently excellent track record for our 3D sensors, we also know what it means to keep track of people flow. With PCT1, we enter the realm of rail, light-rail, wheels, cable and company: namely, public transportation. What engineers, conductors, drivers, cyclists, parents with prams and all travelers know is how important the connection and timing between points A and B can be – more than luck, it is a science. To ensure that your science is precise, we have developed the algorithms and casing of our PCT1 sensor to be fit for mobile, rugged terrain. The PCT1 can deliver the data you need when you need it – no shoe-leather data collection necessary.

Robust industrial design

Our PC-series have already proven the reliability of our 3D technology in airports and retail. The PCT1 draws its substance from the same in-house stereovision technology, while its shell is pure aluminum. It can withstand extreme temperatures, from where Celsius and Fahrenheit meet in the minus to highs that would make Death Valley blush. It is also resistant to other disturbances such as constant vibrations or random impacts. Naturally, as any robust sensor should, PCT1 complies with necessary vehicle standards, e.g. electromagnetic compatibility. Weighing in at less than half a kilo, this little galvanized genius packs a powerful punch.

Doors wide open

The PCT1 has also been designed for specific use cases, such as precise passenger counting of very crowded and otherwise unclear door environments. We've done the math that allows for a one-sensor-per-door policy, even when there are wide doors with minimal ceiling height. This means that just one sensor can efficiently and accurately cover a wide door (from 1.45 m up to 2.2 m, depending on mounting height). PCT1's field of view catches not only passenger coordinates but also object coordinates such as bicycles. Steel wheels or little wheels, PCT1 is along for the ride.     

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Sensor PCT1

Passenger Counting Sensor for Transportation

You want a precise passenger counting system for your public transport vehicles. It doesn't matter how wide or high your doors are or how quickly passenger volume changes: you need accurate numbers! PCT1 is here for you now.

3D sensor PCT1


Wide door coverage

Optimize your operations with PCT1

Are you excited about the prospect of sophisticated, data-driven transit operation optimization? Then you are in the right place. Bring your operations to the next level with support from PCT1, our newest sensor for automatic passenger counting.

Our sensor - your solution


Transportation case study

Managing passenger flow with Xovis. How an airport's solution made it to the station on time.

Transportation case study


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