Xovis @ EuroShop 2023: Partner Presentations

Xovis looks forward to showcasing in Düsseldorf, Germany, at EuroShop 2023, the world’s leading retail trade fair and an excellent opportunity for retailers to discover the many possibilities they can realize using our high-precision 3D sensors.

Retailers worldwide are already using solutions based on our technology to improve in-store automation and strategic decision-making using highly accurate real-time and historical data.

Meet Xovis @ EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany

In addition to our regular events, Xovis will also host live partner presentations at this year's EuroShop. Join us at Booth Hall 6/A27  to learn more about innovative use cases, our partners’ remarkable market achievements, and why Xovis has earned a solid global reputation as a leader in people flow solutions. Register now to attend a 20-minute partner presentation. 

Partner Presentations at Xovis Booth Hall 6/A27 

1. Amoobi (Nivelles, Belgium)

How to optimize space in every category using in-store customer tracking

Pieter Keersmaekers, Account Manager at Amoobi

11:00 AM, Monday, 27.02.23, Booth Hall 6/A27  

Amoobi teamed up with the retailer and category captain, a leading CPG company to reinvent the category based on shopper behavior and sales data.

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Amoobi is an in-store customer behavior specialist that helps retailers and brands optimize store and category performance, by providing unique insights from customer behavior data and retail expertise. From its offices in Nivelles, Belgium, and New York, USA, Amoobi serves seven of the top 15 retailers in the world and many international CPG companies.

2. sensalytics GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany)

Increasing sales in stationary retail: the sensalytics real time CX engine

Omar Tello, CEO sensalytics GmbH

14:00 PM, Monday, 27.02.23, Booth Hall 6/A27  

The sensalytics CX Engine knows exactly where your customers are, detects there potential and informs your staff immediately via in-store communication. This increases your conversion rate actively instead of only reporting it. And besides, you get access to deep heat maps and analytical insights.

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Founded and active since 2015, sensalytics has been involved in real-world tracking ever since. As Big Data and IoT professionals, they know the added value of data and the associated analytical tools. sensalytics goes one step further and uses the information in real time not only to measure, but also to intervene.

3. IMAS Group (Cologne, Germany)

How a shopping center and retail chain use conversion rate in daily work

Peter Nicolaus, CEO IMAS Group
Naoufal Chaghouani, Key account manager IMAS Group 

11:00 AM, Tuesday, 28.02.23, Booth Hall 6 / A27  

See how a German center management operator and a leading Nordic watch and goldsmith chain can monitor and practically work with their footfall and sales data. Both use their store’s conversion rate and the system can for example measure and forecast productivity and staff hours needed.

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IMAS Group

IMAS Group helps and supports the retail and public sector to collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. IMAS has made over 30 000 installations and has hundreds of customers spread across Europe and Southeast Asia. 

4. PFM Intelligence Group UK (Redditch, United Kingdom)

Delivering Great Customer Experience

David Sturdy, Global Sales Director, PFM Intelligence Group UK

11:00 AM, Wednesday, 01.03.23, Booth Hall 6/A27  

Footfall analysis provides retailers with key insights to improve the customer experience. Data helps optimise staffing, improve service quality and enhance the customer experience. By partnering with Xovis, retailers can measure store performance and monitor customer movement using heat maps. The data can also be used to predict footfall and understand the impact of global events on the business, ensuring the customer experience is protected.

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PFM Intelligence Group UK

PFM Footfall Intelligence has been providing innovative retail performance management solutions since 1983, with a focus on accurate data and exceptional customer service. Their technical expertise and experience is the cornerstone of our success, delivering cost effective solutions such as footfall systems, smart location systems or hybrid solutions. 

5. ITAB (Jönköping, Sweden)

How protecting self-checkout areas against shrinkage without introducing any friction to the journey for genuine consumers?

Mikael Bengtsson, Head of Commercial – Retail Technology at ITAB

14:00 PM, Wednesday, 01.03.23, Booth Hall 6/A27  

ITAB created a frictionless solution that avoid additional steps in the existing process with increased security.

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ITAB helps help customers turn consumer brand experience into physical reality with our know-how, solutions and ecosystem of partners. Co-creating together with consumers and retailers they deliver the physical realization of engaging, convenient and seamless environments. Delivering measurable results for customers in instore experience, sales, efficiency, service and running costs.

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