Check-In Faster With Xovis

The Xovis Passenger Flow Management System is capable to accurately measure waiting times in unstructured check-in situations.

Airports have also only one chance to make a good first impression. As the starting point of the customer journey, smooth and swift check-in procedures are a key determinant of passenger satisfaction.

Typically, various parties such as airlines, airport operators and ground handlers have a stake in check-in procedures and the related Service Level Agreement (SLA). Through measurement of KPIs, such as queue lengths, waiting times, process times and passenger throughput per check-in desk and/or the entire check-in area, Xovis Passenger Flow Management System enables airport stakeholders to meet their SLA obligations and simultaneously optimize process performance and hence passenger flow.

Some of the world’s largest airports count on Xovis Passenger Flow Management System and benefit from optimized capacity utilization, streamlined check-in procedures and other improvements, such as:

  • Waiting time-related performance integrated with other KPIs
  • Optimized number of open check-in counters
  • Optimized opening hours of check-in counters
  • Optimized desk allocation
  • Reduction of purchased counter hours for airlines
  • Optimized staff planning and management for ground handlers
  • Comparison of common use set-up and self-service bag drop

Xovis Passenger Flow Management System includes an automated queue detection that allocates a queue to a check-in desk, excludes passers-by and measures KPIs only for passengers. Thanks to the real-time data, airport stakeholders not only manage passenger expectations via digital signage, but also improve passenger experience and increase passenger satisfaction.

Xovis data forms an excellent basis for discussions with airlines and ground handlers on how to optimize check-in procedures, focusing on the Total Cost of Operations. CPH has a high utilization of check-in capacity and the possibility of data exchange between various stakeholders has allowed us to postpone extremely costly investments. A solid data foundation, as provided by the Xovis system, has played a key role in the success of these initiatives.

Thomas Hoff Andersson Director of Terminal and Passenger Services, CPH Airports

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