Wide Viewing Angle

The wider the viewing angle, the larger the coverage of the Xovis 3D Sensor. 

Xovis 3D Sensors are available with a range of different lenses. Depending on the chosen model a Xovis 3D Sensor accommodates a large spectrum of possible mounting heights. The Xovis PC-Series Selection Guide shows which sensor-lens combination offers the best coverage at a given mounting height.

Basically, all Xovis 3D Sensors have the same working principle: they offer a very wide angle of view. When people enter the area covered by the sensor such that their head is visible, they are each detected as a person, counted and tracked. The coordinates of the position on the floor are then available for further processing in the sensor. Alternatively, the sensor can anonymously stream them out to other systems over the full-featuring API or data push options. Keep reading the Technology section for more information on the working principle of Xovis 3D Sensors.


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