Xovis Airport Software

The combination of Xovis 3D Sensors and the dedicated Xovis Airport Software paves the way for a seamless travel experience. 

The Xovis passenger flow management system combines the Xovis 3D Sensors and the Xovis Airports Software, helping improve effi­ciency all over the airport and preparing the ground for innovative business models.

Based on 3D images computed directly on the ceiling-mounted Xovis 3D Sensors, passengers are counted and tracked anonymously. The Xovis Airport Software receives data streams from the sensors and provides airport operators with valuable KPIs such as waiting times, process times and passenger throughput. The KPIs are visualized on an intuitive dashboard, enabling airports to:

  • Quickly identify crowded areas and Bottlenecks.
  • See what is going at any time; the intuitive and comprehensive user interface offers real-time insights on every process point.
  • Playback the entire operation: data can be replayed simultaneously from multiple process points to identify the cause of an issue.

The Xovis Airport Software is a highly robust and user-friendly software. Web and mobile clients are also available, making the real-time dashboards compatible with all popular web browsers on a broad range of devices. The user can switch between the various covered areas and display several KPIs live at any time.

Additionally, the Xovis Airport software can be easily combined with other software solutions; for example, waiting times can be exported automatically from the system and displayed on screens at the airport or on the airport’s mobile app for an improved passenger flow Management.

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