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Your passengers want to get to their gate quickly and safely. Meanwhile, your business partners need a solid foundation on which to plan their services. The airport tracking solutions from Xovis allow passenger flow to be analyzed and managed. This means you not only optimize your processes, utilization of space and deployment of personnel, but also establish a reliable dialog with your business partners in handling people flow.


The efficiency of terminal operations depends on having reliable data: this is the basis for you to draw correct conclusions in real time and implement effective measures in advance – particularly with an eye on reducing overall operating expenses. Passenger safety and comfort forms the foundation for your business model and is also important to you personally as your goal is to establish trust and strengthen your reputation.

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Our people counting applications have been tailored specially to airports and pave the way for the smooth management of passenger flow through facilities, efficient processes, good communication and increased passenger satisfaction. Xovis is the leading global partner for the analysis and management of passenger flow. Our industrial, scalable and proven passenger tracking system reaches a whole new level in terms of measurement and allows for new approaches and benchmarks to be set so that the passenger journey and touchpoints at airports are tailored to perfection.

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Customer success

Customer success

Around 100 airports all over the world rely on the Xovis Passenger Tracking System (PTS). We are a reliable, long-term partner. Take a look at our range of services

Customer success


Passenger Tracking System (PTS)

Discover the unmatched accuracy and low overall costs offered by the full-service life of our system for managing passenger flow.

Passenger Tracking System (PTS)


Airport Solutions

Airport solutions

Our airport tracking solutions for people flow pave the way for an attractive passenger journey through airport facilities. Check out our curb-to-gate offers.

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Case Studies

Case studies with airports

Our latest case studies on projects at airports illustrate how the data intelligence at Xovis can increase passenger satisfaction and thus the overall performance of an airport

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