PC2SE - the natural and future-proof evolution

Worldwide scarcity of electronic components also affects our sensors. While we have a robust network of component suppliers, recent months have seen dramatic increases in sourcing costs. We had been anticipating such a trend and have given our sensor a refresh. Meet the PC2SE – the natural and future-proof evolution. 

In particular, our multi-purpose sensors, the PC2S- and PC2R-Series, have seen drastic increases in certain components – in some cases by a factor of 30. While we anticipate some spikes to be temporary, we do not expect sourcing costs to return to previous levels in the near future. And so, we had no option but to adjust the price of our PC2S- and PC2R-Series sensors accordingly. No other models are affected.

Choose evolution over rising prices!

We remain your reliable partner for high-quality people flow sensors. The new, future-proof Xovis sensor PC2SE – optimized for Firmware 5 – provides a foundation for innovative applications and new business opportunities. With the same design as its predecessor, but engineered using components with secure, long-term availability, we can offer it at the original price of the PC2S – you get the next sensor generation without spending more!

  1. 1

    Component refresh

    New future-proof sensor hardware with the latest generation of electronic components.

  2. 2

    Longer validation recordings

    Memory capacity for validation recordings is more than tripled from 40MB to 150MB. 

  3. 3

    Easier installation

    The ethernet connector turned 180° for easier handling when mounted with a Pivot mount or similar. 

  4. 4

    Running with Firmware 5.1

    PC2SE requires minimum Firmware 5.1. Benefit from a variety of new features like Path Stitching, IPv6, filtering live pushes, and scheduling updates. Find out more about what's new and how you can benefit from the new Firmware 5.1 here

Are you ready? We are!

PC2SE enables you to solve your customers’ challenges by providing them with a future-proof solution. Our support team is at your side! Anytime, and particularly for the switch to the new Firmware 5.1. Get in touch with our support to make sure your migration to Firmware 5.1 runs smoothly. 

Connect with your dedicated Account Manager for more information about the PC2SE and the PC2S-/PC2R-Series price increase.

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