Accurate sensors for better outcome

Simple design, smart functionality and embedded processing are the cornerstones of our sensors' build. Their design is thought through from the very start, which is why they continue to handle the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our signature sensors can meet your specific architectural requirements, thanks to easy installation and our hardware accessories for those outlier locations.




Our PC series includes our humblest stationary genius to our more robust ones, like the PCT1 for public transportation and our outdoor sensors. The entire series is suitable for a broad range of applications related to people counting and in-store analytics whenever relevant. The real-time data our 3D sensors provide allows you to rethink your people flow.




In addition to our sensors, we have adjunct hardware available for whatever space you need to cover – outdoor or indoor, high or higher, there is almost no terrain that these little powerhouses cannot handle. Our accessories help ensure the perfect angle, outfit and nest for the sensors you need at your unique location.