MYKITA management accesses Xovis footfall data via sensalytic’s Retail Dashboard to optimize staff management and increase the performance of marketing initiatives.

New insights for eyewear manufacturer

sensalytics integrates Xovis data with their POS and ERP systems to support MYKITA in boosting sales. 

German eyewear manufacturer MYKITA sells its innovative products through a network of own stores and distribution partners in more than 80 countries. System integrator and Xovis partner sensalytics was tasked to develop a retail analytics solution that provides MYKITA management with insights such as:

  • Where is our most successful store?
  • Which is our best-selling product?
  • When do our marketing/ sales initiatives work?


Using Xovis 3D Sensors to count footfall and track customers anonymously, sensalytics integrates the Xovis data with POS and ERP systems for comprehensive sales reports in the sensalytics Retail Dashboard.

Find the whole case study in the "Download" section below and read how MYKITA management harnesses Xovis as an essential tool to take facts-based decisions regarding staff planning, marketing activities and much more and