Visionarea’s specific software solution for facility management integrates data from Xovis 3D overhead people counters to monitor people flow and create a sound workplace.

Smart work environment at media company

Facility management at Sky Italia monitors people flow with Xovis data from the Visionarea solution to create a unique work environment.

Sky Italia not only intends to remain the country’s leading Pay-TV Provider, but also strives to be a first-class employer. Factors such as the optimized use of capacities and office layouts are decisive determinants for a sound workplace.

The facility management at Sky Italia has installed numerous Xovis 3D overhead people counters to measure people occupancy on each floor and other KPIs. Accessed via a specific software solution from Xovis partner Visionarea, the collected data is used for monitoring the use of capacity during peaks, sending out alerts via email and many other purposes.

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